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The future of green packaging printers will reach the market and enterprises

  In recent years, although China's printing industry showed a trend of rapid development, but compared with developed countries, China's printing industry is still in the initial stage, which is mainly manifested in the management mode is relatively backward, low level of automation, design is not science and so on. These are caused by the goods value loss and high cost, resulting in a serious waste of social resources and multiple consumption. In recent years, along with the enterprise of cost, efficiency and environmental protection more and more attention to, can achieve "to promote energy-saving emission reduction, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency" loop mode of production to get more and more enterprises recognized and respected.

  The standardization of inkjet printer is a bottleneck restricting the development of green packaging is the crux of the, standardization can bring the most direct benefit is low carbon and environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction, efficiency improvement and cost reduction, a de facto standard of the bearing the proposition of economic benefit and social benefit. "Inkjet printer can standardization? And by what standards?" the problem has been the industry hot topic, generally view, leading to the current packaging standardization degree is not high reason is the whole industry chain is not perfect, the government guidance Co. and other objective reasons, subjective reasons of the concept of inkjet printer users. The so-called green environmental protection is actually an objective existence, does not depend on people's subjective feeling.

  In recent years, China's standardization trend more and more obvious, the government, society and market are in actively promoting the industrialization of inkjet printer standard formulation and standardization is to achieve shared a basic premise, when a packaging equipment it is loaded with goods from the upper reaches of the supply chain transfer to the downstream, if two packaging design is different, and shelves, etc. loading and unloading equipment not matching, in the actual operation there is no operability. It only reach a consensus standards in spurts the code machine size, design, material and quality aspects, will be on the downstream enterprises and even the market many enterprises recognized and shared. The future of green packaging printers to achieve the effect is so.