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Carry forward the spirit of hard coding machine

  Although China's packaging industry is developing very rapidly, but there are many problems at present the overall level of the packing of the our country is not high enough and market trends show a monopoly, except for some small packaging equipment has a certain scale and advantage of other packaging equipment and foreign equipment than are not nearly enough to see, so our country currently packaging industry is although distributed widely but are very difficult to form a scale, development is not an overnight thing is not an easy thing, so enterprises must not ambitious. To spurt the code machine at present the development is in the sprint phase of the red of the faster by resistance is greater, so at this stage of the enterprise should staff Chikunailao the spirit culture, the more at this time more can not relax.

  Currently China's packaging equipment are often single to sell, obviously does not meet the needs of the world packaging market the, because in the world market and the customer demand is mostly a combination of some set of packaging equipment, which led to the China packaging enterprises in the international market competitiveness is weak, the world packaging market was the monopoly of some of the other big company for a long time. So I need to take some positive measures to deal with it in the face of the strong impact of foreign brands of inkjet printer. Enterprises need to strengthen the joint between the packaging equipment, let spurts the code machine and other packaging equipment organic combination together to form a complete combination to meet the needs of the market it.

  From the current stage of the world packaging equipment demand each year are still growing, the United States, the world's largest production of packaging equipment manufacturers and Japan although China is also a major producer, but the strength still have some shortage from the point of view of the long-term vision of the development of packaging industry in the world, after packaging equipment of the fastest growing or developing countries, so that we still have room for improvement. Automatic China's accession to the World Trade Organization after the development of inkjet printer has been great progress, with the world's advanced level between the gap is getting smaller and smaller, this is to spurt the code machine to carry forward the spirit to bear hardships and stand hard work results.