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Coding machine-MY-380 ink roll coding machine (marking machine) principle and advantages

The MY-380 marking machine is equipped with an advanced solid ink wheel, which has the excellent performance of instant printing and instant drying. The machine is advanced in design, precise in manufacturing, stable in operation, and the position of vertical printing is controlled by electronic control. It can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can control the printing action and counting by photoelectric control and can set the number of printing sheets.

The working principle of the solid ink wheel coder:

The ink wheel encoder works by melting the ink in the solid high temperature ink wheel and rotating the words on the press to print on the object to be printed. The ink wheel encoder is light and precise. Special zinc alloy font (can be customized according to customer requirements, font type:

1. The font direction is the same as the paper feed direction or the opposite is called a T-shaped word.

2, the font direction and feed direction are perpendicular to the R type), long life and easy replacement. The print position is electronically controlled and can be adjusted at will. The print action and count are controlled by the photoelectric switch and the number of prints can be set. Special clutch, sensitive, accurate and stable.

The working process of the ink wheel encoder:
The printer applies a certain amount of pressure to the ink encoder in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from outside the machine to eject the ink through nozzles of tens of microns. And the crystal oscillation signal applied above the nozzle divides the continuous ink line into droplets of the same frequency, the same size and a certain interval. Then, the ink droplets are respectively charged while passing through the charging electrode, and the amount of charge is controlled by the central processing unit CPU; the actual charge and phase of the ink droplet are detected by the detecting electrode; finally, the charged ink droplet is deflected in the deflecting electric field formed by the deflecting electrode, They are ejected from nozzles to different locations on the surface of the product to form the various characters, patterns and other indicia desired. The ink droplets are driven into the recovery tank instead of being charged and re-entered into the ink circulation system within the machine.

Ink wheel features:
The Hezhong logo ink wheel manufacturer has many printing times, clear printing, good adhesion, good scratch resistance, high temperature resistant ink wheel, medium temperature ink wheel, low temperature ink wheel, etc. It can adapt to different types of thermal coders. In order to achieve high-speed coding, we provide fast drying ink wheels for high-speed encoders such as my-380 machines without causing adhesion contamination. Compared with other imported ink wheels, Hezhong brand ink wheels have lower temperature and energy saving when the adhesion is the same.

However, as ink wheel encoders are used in applications around the world, the demand for ink wheel encoders, household ink wheels and imported ink wheels is increasing. Users are no longer limited to simple printing and are not limited to printing. The requirements for wheel print quality and ink adhesion are also increased, which places higher demands on the manufacturers of encoders and ink wheels. As a national manufacturer of high-quality ink wheel encoders, Hezhong Mark is the first to introduce a solid ink wheel with high adhesion, which has become the domestic ink wheel with the best cost performance. Regardless of quality or price, it has certain advantages compared with imported ink wheels.
The Hezhong logo reminds each user to use the solid ink wheel correctly to ensure your print results.

1. Select the appropriate type of solid ink wheel according to actual needs.

2. Turn on the power of the machine before production, preheat the solid ink wheel to the target temperature, and then use it after the solid ink wheel is completely softened.

3. When using a new solid ink wheel, first adjust the temperature to the lowest temperature at which the ink wheel is adapted to the temperature, and then gradually increase the temperature of the ink wheel by 5 °C according to the printing effect.

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