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Ink roller coding machine - ink roller printing sealing machine and multi

FRD-1000W ink roller printing and sealing machine introduction:

series multi-functional film sealer (with solid inker printer) can be print the desired date simultaneously with sealing. With the characters and conspicuous, the colors are selectable and uneasy to erase and unchangeable, and instant and instant dry. It is convenient to change date letters.

The main parameters

Power supply110,220-240V/50-60HZ 1 phase
Power consumption600W
Sealing speed0-25m/min
Sealing width6-15mm
Sealing film thickness0.02-0.80mm
Temperature range0-300℃
Printing letters2 lines 30 letters with inker
Conveyor loading5kg
Machine size920×380×300mm
Machine weight30kg

Multifunctional film sealing machine sf-150w introduction:
Multi-functional film sealing machine is a new type of sealing device in recent years. Unlike ordinary sealing machine, the length of multi-functional sealing is from zero to infinity. The length of sealing can be adjusted according to actual needs. The temperature control method with thermocouple precision temperature control is adopted. The sealing accuracy is high. Therefore, it is widely used in the packaging and sealing of food bags, medicines, laboratories, daily cosmetics, native products, chemical products, etc., which are most used in factories, shops, retail departments and service industries.

The versatile film sealing machine sf-150w has the advantages of strong sealing, high efficiency, simple and compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, low power consumption and convenient maintenance. Therefore, it has been loved by many consumers and slowly replaced the traditional one. The trend of ordinary sealing machines.

In addition, the versatile film sealing machine sf-150w can also be equipped with pressure wheel and printing wheel. It can change the font according to the user's needs. It can also print the date of manufacture, shelf life, shelf life and other signs and seals at the same time. The versatile film sealer sf-150w with superior performance will replace the general sealing machine for sealing products.

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