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What are the features of highly adhesive printing ink wheels?

Hot ink roller

Highly adhesive printing ink wheel, it is very durable and can not be wiped off by hand, the drying rate is very fast, it is not blurred on the fast packing line because of slow drying. In the course of food and drug storage or transportation, there will be no flaking or blurring of handwriting.

The printing ink of the high adhesion ink wheel can not be wiped off. The performance of adhesion, resistance to abrasion, boiling resistance and high temperature resistance are very good, Print more and print clearly, the font is full and the writing is very black.

High adhesion ink wheel, it print handwriting can not wipe off ink and has good adaptability to the printed material, It can be used in all kinds of packing materials, such as ham sausage, outer packing bag, biscuit and other baking foods(It can tolerate the high temperature in the biscuit workshop without the illegible handwriting), especially for high gloss plastic packing film, High adhesion ink wheel have no the phenomenon that can not hit the word, printed handwriting is very weak, very poor fastness or easyly Wipe off 

Rubbing ink wheel prints can not erase, after sterilization at high temperature(121℃), it still has legible writing and good anti-erasure.Generally similar products after high temperature sterilization(That is 90 ℃ pasteurization) will appear fuzzy writing or even writing off.