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How to use solid high temperature ink roller correctly?

Hot ink roller

The use of high-temperature ink in the daily production will bring us a lot of convenience, but the use of ink is also a knowledge, which requires us to learn to use the correct ink roller.

1, depending on the packaging material, please select the matching ink roller. For example: XF series is a solid high temperature ink roller, printable packaging materials: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene.
2, the temperature on the printer to adapt to the temperature. The temperature of the ink roll printer can be set to the minimum temperature at which the solid ink tank is adapted to ensure that the ink wheel can melt normally.
3, solid high-temperature ink to preheat 5-10 minutes, after the ink can melting and softening completely,they it can be used.
4, the use of high-temperature ink roller, you must debug the contact between the ink wheel and the contact pressure. The nail is pressed into the ink wheel surface 0.5-1mm is the best condition.
5, ink to a certain number of prints, the color may appear fades of the phenomenon, then by the appropriate increase in the temperature of the ink encoder, you can increase the number of prints and deepen the clarity of writing.
6, the intermittent use of solid ink roller will affect its service life, the continuous use of the ink wheel, can improve the number of ink wheel prints.
7, high temperature ink wheel has not been used completely, then pay attention to improve the use of the environment and methods, which is probably due to the use of ink is too low temperature caused.
8, in the lower ambient temperature to use, or ink wheel printer coding speed faster, need to improve the use of ink wheel temperature.