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The label coated paper

The label paper goods:

The label coated paper: such as:85*80*600, single row, Inner diameter 40, printed with E

1, The label coated paper Type and Brand: Guanhao, Imported Aere, Single-thermal paper, Three-thermal heat sensitive paper

2, Unit: millimeter 

The label coated paper of bar code printer to print from the inside: 
First to print Width information, 
Second to print height information , according to the sequence reported specifications, 
Such as 85*80*600 (85mm is width, 80mm is high, one roll is 600 pieces)
Paper labels are generally single row, 

Some label paper size is smaller, need is a row of the plurality of the tags, 

such as 22*22*20000 (width is 22mm, height is also 22 mm, 4 pieces are one row, 5000 row, total 20000 labels.)

3, The label coated paper: Core diameter of 25 mm and 40 mm, 76 mm

4, For printing, need sample, in accordance with customer requirements

5, To printing the label coated paper have direction, such as the E port first out