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Thermal Transfer Overprinter TTO ribbon

We are Manufacturer: Henan Union Coding Tech Co Ltd, we are professional in coding and label solutions from 2007 years.

  Our HZ800 Thermal Transfer Overprinter ribbon (TTO ribbon) is used on Markem 8018/X40, Videojet 6210/6320, and Domino printer to print Date number, Exp on Plastic packaging bags.

And our coding foil and ink roller are used on HP241/B, MY380 Coding machine to print Batch number, Mfg.

  With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the development of the market of blue ocean. As a sunrise industry, as long as it is detached and intelligent industry have gained huge profits. With the arrival of the concept of industrial 4.0, food packaging are gradually moving toward high-end, intelligent packaging began to enter people's field of vision, to intelligent packaging in which, the concerns of the is the food safety problem, the intelligent packaging to detection of food quality, or authenticity, in maximum protection of consumer rights and interests, to achieve product traceability function.

  The special performance of these packaging that can meet the special requirements of goods and the special environmental conditions, mainly refers to the use of the packaging machinery, electrical, electronic and chemical properties. Intelligent packaging market is expanding at present, domestic food security situation is very serious and urgent degree has been reached, so we need from the packaging to improve intelligence, to the greatest extent using a variety of means to ensure food safety. Intelligent packaging is the effective measures to ensure food safety, but also need to develop.

  Intelligent packaging has received adequate attention and development in developed countries, while in China, the development of intelligent packaging and application in various fields is still in the initial stage. But he also pointed out that from another point of view, although the application of intelligent packaging in China is still lagging behind the developed countries, but the smart packaging market in China has a vast profit space for mining.

In order to meet the delivery time and reduce the cost of circulation technology, the future of food packaging machinery requirements to carry out high-speed production and also for some products, packaging machinery and machinery production of convergence, can also adopt continuous work or more work. In addition, must also reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that the normal to increased productivity, the development trend is to further automation of packaging machinery.

  General foreign only the temperature - time historical record identifier (TTI), packaging of food microorganism growth indicator identification (MGI), photochromic indicator identification, by physical impact identification, leakage, microbial pollution identification, radio frequency label (RFID), DNA (deoxy ribonucleic acid) tags defined as intelligent packaging; modified atmosphere packaging, antimicrobial packaging and ethylene adsorption packing, oxygen absorbing packaging, self heating and self cooling, packaging and odor adsorption packing, aroma release packaging, hygroscopic packaging is defined as function of packaging.

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