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Working principle of the hot ink roll

Name:Hot ink roller
No pollution,drying speed is fast,clear
Food ,cosmetics,pharmaceutical packaging, etc
Technical feature:
The development of heat-resistant foam sponge, etc


1 The characteristics of the hot ink roll
2 The generation of hot ink roll
3 The technical features of hot ink roll
4 hot ink roll conditions of use
5 hot products introduced
6 hot hot hot ink performance requirements of the wheel

1. The characteristics of hot hot ink roll editor

No pollution,drying speed is fast clear, suitable for a variety of fonts all kinds of packaging substrate and high-speed running water production line.

2. The generation of hot hot ink roll editor

Along with our country commodity production automation program, introduced a series of domestic automatic packaging production line .The characteristics of the thermal printer for fast products to provide a clear and accurate identification into the packaging industry, its unique code device further introduced to electronic material leather, pharmaceutical and other industries, hot hot ink wheel as a machine form a complete set of consumables and flood the market in our country.
This product is mainly used in the food ,cosmetic, pharmaceutical packaging print production date on warranty for batch number used ,in China in the mid - 90 - s, on food packaging production date is not mandatory provisions of the state, some manufacturers are not labeled with production date or use identify fuzzy thermal printing .Now food law has clear provisions of the state, all food must be marked on the outer packing and packaging material quality have obvious contrast production date marking, makes the ink wheel increases rapidly, the demand for development of broad prospects.
Hot ink roll in mature abroad, also only in the development stage in our country,
Henan Union Coding Tech Co.,Ltd. successfully developed a hot hot ink roll, integrated performance index reached the level of similar foreign products, domestic leading level Countries do not have the corresponding national standard, Henan Union Coding Tech Co.,Ltd. in formulated the industry standard The People's Republic of China packaging industry standard BB/T 0063-2013, some technical indicators are done to heel.

3. The technical features of hot hot ink roll editor

(1) heat resistance sponge foam

(2) the development of hot melt ink body

(3) the ink into the development of the technology and equipment of sponge [1]

4. The use of hot hot ink roll conditions editor

Please according to difference of substrate material and ink wheel code printer equipment is different, the adjustable temperature range to choose the appropriate hot ink roll printing must master code equipment adjustment function of temperature and pressure, in order to show the best printing effect [1]

5. Hot hot ink roll product introduction to edit
According to the different colors, divided into black White red orange green, blue.

Common specifications are 36 mm (ink wheel cylinder diameter) X 32 mm (ink wheel cylinder height) ,36 mm X 40 mm , 16 mm X 40 mm ,48 mm X 60 mm, can provide other specifications according to customer requirement.

According to temperature is different, divided into low temperature in the high temperature ink wheel, ink roll printing temperature decided to print material, main characteristics:

1. The low temperature series
Recommended print temperature: 100-140

Print handwriting has good adhesion, rubbing scratch resistance, in view of the code printer heating temperature is low, suggested the actual words of grain of heating temperature should be not less than 90 amount, reduced gradually in the market.

2.The medium temperature series
Recommend print temperature: 120-160

Print writing good adhesion, resistance to wipe scraping resistance performance is good, can satisfy have higher request for adhesion, low temperature and its equipment of customers; Actual word grain of heating temperature of Suggestions which should be not less than 120, longest see market is medium temperature hot ink roller

3. The high temperature series

Print the handwriting Excellent adhesion, resistance to wipe scraping resistance is good, for code printer can be high temperature heating; In order to make full use of the ink wheel, it is recommended that the device's actual words grain of heating temperature is not lower than 140

Storage condition: room temperature storage, moistureproof prevent bask in, storage life is one year

6. Thermal performance requirements of the hot ink roll editor

Molecularly imprinted definition:Special ink wheel printer to print, printing sample mark should be clear and easy to read, the depth of colour and lustre is consistent.

Mark the friction resistance 50

Imprinted viscosity :The handwriting transfer occur under prescribed conditions

Imprinting refrigerated sex 20

mark high temperature high humidity resistance 50

print number 7

black print single color number 5 [2]

Whether you are printing drugs or food,there is always a product code printer can meet your requirements